Iron Harvest 1920+ Open Beta (Pre-Season) now available via Steam

ESL Tournament announced

After announcing the Pre-Season last week, Deep Silver and KING Art Games today are inviting all players to join this Open Beta for Iron Harvest 1920+. The game is set to release on September 1st 2020 (1.9.20) on PC via Steam, GOG and the Epic store as well as in retail. The console version will be released early 2021. Today players on Steam can dive deep into the fascinating world of 1920+ and experience the first single player missions of the epic, overarching storyline they will encounter after the game’s launch. All unlocks and progress from the Pre-Season on Steam will be available after launch!
Pre-Season Cup
Additionally King Art and Deep Silver have teamed up with ESL to bring competitive RTS gamers the very first Iron Harvest tournament. The Pre-Season Cup will ramp up to a big finale at Gamescom 2020 with prizes totalling over 7000€! The four winners of the qualifiers, kicking off with the first round on August 8th  2020, will qualify for the finals at the digital gamescom
Details about broadcasting and the finals will be revealed soon.
More details, rules and how to sign up:

The Pre-Season features:

  • Pre-Season Tournament featuring qualifiers and the grand finale at the digital Gamescom!.
    • Qualifier 1: Saturday August 8, 2020
    • Qualifier 2: Saturday August 15, 2020
    • Qualifier 3: Sunday August 16, 2020
    • Qualifier 4: Saturday August 22, 2020
    • Will be played between 27th-30th of August (TBD)
  • Reward Season: Players who beat a variety of challenges will unlock in-game cosmetics.
  • New quests and challenges will unlock over time. Progress will be kept after purchasing the game at launch
  • All three factions, Rusviet, Saxony and Polania will be playable in Multiplayer, Skirmish and Challenge maps for the first time publicly

Future Season Content:
Iron Harvest 1920+ will feature seasons. Each season will contain new game content such as Skirmish and Challenge maps and dedicated season events both for single player as well as multiplayer content. Players will be able to rise through the ranks in multiplayer (ladder) and unlock unique visual season content by solving dedicated quests and challenges.
While none of the unlockable items will have a direct impact on the balancing or gameplay, the achievements guarantee a long lasting RTS gaming experience with new challenges for true Diesel-Punk strategists!
Players who purchase the Iron Harvest standard edition will have free access to Season 1. Buyers of the Iron Harvest Deluxe Edition will have free access to the first two Seasons and the not yet announced big Add-On. future plans will be revealed later.
About Iron Harvest:
At the dawn of the 20th century, shortly after the end of the Great War, the world is full of secrets and mysteries, of opportunities and challenges. Tradition clashes with scientific and technological progress, while Europe is still recovering from the brutal battles of the World War. Iron Harvest is a real-time strategy game (RTS) set in the alternate reality of 1920+, just after the end of the Great War. To create the perfect RTS-experience the team has been working in close cooperation with global RTS-fans ever since the highly successful Kickstarter campaign.
Iron Harvest Special editions and Merchandise is available via the Game-Legends Store.

About King Art Games
KING Art is an independent game developer with years of experience in creating high-quality games for all major platforms. More than 40 employees across several teams are located at the offices in Bremen, Germany and work with about as many freelancers around the globe. Founded in 2000, KING Art has since released more than 50 titles in different genres, with a focus on narrative games, RPGs and strategy games. The company and its games have received multiple prestigious awards, including Best Strategy Game and Best Development Studio.

KING Art is a licensed developer for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo plattforms and member of Verband der deutschen Games-Branche (GAME) and bremen digitalmedia.
About Koch Media
Koch Media is a global developer, publisher and distributor of computer and videogames, gaming hardware and merchandise.
The company's publishing activities, marketing and distribution extend throughout Europe, America and Australia. Koch Media has more than 25 years of experience in the digital media business and has risen to become a leading games publishing partner. Koch Media runs a multi-label strategy with fully owned content providers, including the labels Deep Silver, Milestone and Ravenscourt which publish games for consoles and PC across all physical and digital channels.

Koch Media has formed long-term multi-national publishing collaborations with numerous game publishers including Bethesda, Capcom, Codemasters, Konami, Koei Tecmo, NC Soft, Sega, Square Enix, Warner and many others. With its parent company in Höfen, Austria and the Publishing HQ in Munich, Germany, Koch Media owns local publishing companies in Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Australia and the United States.
The Koch Media group owns six game development studios: Deep Silver Volition (Champaign, IL / USA), Deep Silver Dambuster Studios (Nottingham / UK), Deep Silver Fishlabs (Hamburg / Germany), Warhorse Studios (Prague / Czech Republic), Milestone (Milan / Italy) and Voxler (Paris / France). Additionally Koch Media collaborates with numerous independent development studios around the world.
Koch Media also owns Gaya Entertainment, a leading games merchandise company in Langenfeld, Germany and the Quality Assurance Facility in Olomuc, Czech Republic. Furthermore, with Koch Films the Koch Media Group runs an established film business. Koch Films is a European independent film distributor with business primarily in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy as a cinema, TV, online and Home Entertainment distributor.
Koch Media is an Embracer Group company.